When will brawl stars be released?


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Unique features of Brawl Stars?

Are there any unique game mechanics that would differentiate this game from other similar games?

Upcoming events?

Would there be special events for seasons and holidays that would give players exclusive characte...

Beta version

In what countries has the beta version already been released, and when will we see the global lau...


will we be seeing characters from other supercell games like clash of clans and clash royale?

New characters?

What other new charaacters are planned for future release?

How can I install the app?

I think the game has not been released yet. How do some people play the game then?

Is there available APK?

I haven't been able to find any reliable APK so far...


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It’s so op whit the auto aim now.
it says that it is available in the Netherlands but it isn't...
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