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When Brock's not lightning up the battle with rockets, he's lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves.

Rating (-/10)


  • Incredible damage concentrated in a single projectile.
  • Rockets have massive range.
  • Attacks have area of effect.


  • Low health.
  • Slow reload speed.
  • Super ability is relatively easy to avoid.

Upgrade priority


In terms of using elixir on Brock, he gains his highest buff at the 4th elixir upgrade on his attack. This is because he will have over 300 damage per rocket, allowing him to kill opponents with 600 health (such as Colt, Barley, and Dynamike) in just two shots. After that, it’s best to upgrade health once to counter Brocks with four elixir upgrades on attack, then using the rest on your Super.

Strategies & tips

General strategies

The first thing to notice about Brock is that he fires just one rocket per attack, which moves in a straight line until it contacts a wall, player, or reaches the edge of his range. With low HP and this extremely long-ranged projectile, it’s clear that Brock should be played highly defensively, firing rockets to damage tanks and take out players on the very edge of the arena. Due to his slow reload time and lack of huge burst damage, you will generally want to empty all three rockets immediately to damage tanks and potentially kill glass cannons. After that, retreat to regain any health that you lost, as well as recharging your rockets. Brock does best against characters with relatively low health (800 and lower) because of his ability to kill them with just 2 or 3 rockets, which can be difficult to avoid if aimed correctly.

Priamry attack

Brock’s rockets are high-damage packets of area denial. Remember that opponents will not walk into your projectiles willingly, so you must use tactics to score hits.

This is where your teammates come into play. As a team, you can pressure opponents from two ends: one side contains high-damage, difficult to kill players like Shelly and Bull, while the other is where you will shoot your rockets. In addition, Brock players can force players out of the open and into cover, where they are more vulnerable to coordinated attacks.

At medium range, your rockets are relatively easy to predict with. Because of the large area that the rockets explode into, you can take advantage of walls that opponents are near to explode rockets directly on top of them. Scoring direct hits is much more difficult, which is why you will usually want to target enemies moving in straight lines or predictable patterns for the greatest chance at a hit. Always remember that Brock has great difficulty in taking on an opponent if they have high health, so stay near your teammates and have them cover for you when you are being confronted.

Dodging Brock’s rockets may be quite feasible, but it always requires focus. As a Brock player, take advantage of distracted opponents that may not notice you and quickly fire rockets to hopefully bring them down, or cripple them enough for your teammates to finish off. To fully take advantage of this tactic, remain under cover as much as possible and it will be very difficult for the opposing team to get rid of you.

Finally, the ideal play at the start of Smash & Grab and Bounty is to hide in bushes near the center and use all your rockets immediately. Since opponents are often grouped together while heading to the center, your rockets can chip off large chunks of health from multiple players.

Super ability

Brock’s super takes a while to begin doing damage, which is why prediction is instrumental to doing effective damage with it. Only use the ability against enemies that are either stationary, distracted, or moving in a straight line. Versus moving targets, remember to aim your super in front of the enemy, in the direction that they are moving.

In addition, since the impact radius is large, Brock’s super ability is useful in dispatching low health brawlers, especially if they are behind a wall.


Smash & Grab
Similar to Colt, you will usually not be the one to pick up multiple gems because of low survivability. Instead, you should play as cleanup, taking out brawlers with low health and many gems while waiting for teammates with more presence to secure the area.
The only chance a Brock player has with not losing trophies as Brock is hiding and hoping that no one walks over the same bushes. His rockets are useful for killing the winner of a close matchup, which you can then steal elixir from, but the dominant players of Showdown (El Primo, Shelly, and Bull ) will easily kill you if allowed the opportunity.
Similar to Smash & Grab, Brock aids in dealing preliminary damage to tanks and supporters, but be expected to gain many stars, especially if your aim is good. The reason for this is that Brock is quite good at killing enemy brawlers retreating from combat, even while off screen for the Brock player. As you gain many stars, start keeping your teammates constantly in view, even if that means losing a great position for sniping because of the constant threat of a rusher quickly dispatching you.
For offense, use your rockets mostly for chipping at TNT boxes. Brock’s high instant damage can also be used to assist characters like El Primo who are at the safe; defenders are often brought to low health because of El Primo’s area attacks piercing through the safe, so your rockets can add damage to the safe as well as injuring players trying to stop your teammate at the safe. Similar to Barley, the Super ability can deal good damage to the safe, but not nearly as effectively as Barley.
For defense, Brock is no doubt a suboptimal pick. However, his attacks are able to assist in team efforts to stop long-ranged opponents from reaching the safe with rockets that can easily connect against mindless enemies beelining towards the safe.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
2630Elixir x1
3660Elixir x2
4690Elixir x3
5720Elixir x4
6750Elixir x5

Attack: Rockin' Rocket

Brock lets fly with a single Rockin' Rocket that really goes the distance.


Note: Brock Reloads 8% faster after the update on July 1-2. The main attack stats table below will be updated soon!

Projectile speed2300
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Recharge time2.5 seconds
Casting range36
Num. of rockets1 rocket per shot
Area effect radius300


LvlDamageHow to upgrade
2273Elixir x1
3286Elixir x2
4299Elixir x3
5312Elixir x4
6325Elixir x5

Super: Rocket Rain

Brock only wants to see you bathing in Rocket Rain: an explosive deluge that takes out enemies and obstacles.


Projectile speed800
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time1.85 seconds
Casting range25
Num. of rockets1 rocket per shot


LvlDamage per rocketHow to upgrade
2273Elixir x1
3286Elixir x2
4299Elixir x3
5312Elixir x4
6325Elixir x5


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