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Town Sheriff and resident hair mode, Cole enforces the law with long range accuracy and a might fine smile.

Rating (-/10)7.0
Unit typeRanged
  • Pull from Brawl Box
  • Spend 3 Chips to buy


  • Has a very high max DPS.
  • Incredibly long range.
  • Projectiles are fast and can ‘fan out’ if needed.


  • Low health and overall survivability.
  • Attacks are very difficult to fully connect.
  • Super ability is prone to missing and dealing little/no damage.

Upgrade priority


Strategies & tips

General strategies

Because of his low health and high range, Colt is meant to be played with a camping playstyle, meaning that you should always stay away from confrontation and instead engage from the back. When used correctly, Colt can deal devastating preliminary damage to anyone approaching your side of the arena, making it easier for your teammates to cut down the remaining health. Also, due to his fast projectile speed and ability to spread out his attacks, he can be used very effectively for taking out enemy brawlers with low HP trying to escape the battle. To complement this tactic, try to move to side cover, where it’s unlikely for you to be noticed and you have the highest chance of ending up near players escaping the fray.

Primary attack

As suggested by his description, Colt sports long range attacks with very little spread. That means that, unlike characters like Shelly and Poco, aiming is essential to maximizing his damage capabilities. Notice that each bullet deals relatively little damage, but connecting 5-6 bullets deals significant damage to even tanks. There are two general principles that will give you the most success with connecting shots: leading and predicting.

Leading is defined as angling your gun so that you can accurately hit a moving target while also changing your position. The general rules to follow are to move in the direction your enemy is moving and aiming in front of them by about one third of the distance between you and the enemy in front of them. As long as they continue in a straight line, you will likely connect multiple bullets. This technique is essential for killing enemies in a 1v1 situation: Colt can outdamage just about anyone, but only if you can lead your shots and hit your opponent.

Predicting means to fire towards the location that you expect an enemy brawler to be at by the time your bullets reach there, usually accomplished by memorizing patterns a player usually makes on the ground. Since the margin of error increases as your target moves farther away, predicting your shots is necessary to utilize Colt’s long-ranged attacks effectively since you must avoid direct confrontation when playing him. Prediction comes easiest when an enemy player cannot afford to engage you; these situations mostly arise from last-second Smash & Grab and Bounty games, where one side must rush the other for a chance at winning. Under these circumstances, you can position yourself away from where they are rushing and shoot at where they are heading towards. Because they cannot waste any time dodging bullets, you will often get maximum damage. Using prediction to max out damage is also applicable to somewhat squishy, long-ranged brawlers such as Brock and Barley. These players, if they begin taking damage, will generally rush for cover, especially into a bush placed behind a wall. With the help of your teammates supplying heavy damage, you can predict when these brawlers will retreat and shoot into their path, obstructing and potentially killing them.

Super ability

Colt’s Super ability suffers from the same problems that his main attack has: linear projectiles with very little variance. This makes it very prone to missing, since enemy brawlers only need to move out from the line of sight to dodge most of the damage. Despite this, the Super can be used effectively in many different ways.

The first tactic aims to maximize the damage you can deal with the Super. Notice that, on many maps, there are thin strips of bush that line the sides of the arena, which are a popular spot for linear attackers to stay in. Because of their unwillingness to leave this safety area, activating a Super aimed right down the line of bushes will usually lead to massive damage as most players will instinctively move backwards, remaining in the storm of bullets.

The second tactic complements Colt’s specialty as a brawler that can pick off low-HP enemies escaping the fight. Moving while firing the Super ability will cause the bullets to form a wall of sorts, which is almost guaranteed to cause damage to anyone caught in it. Combined with its incredible range and obstacle-piercing capabilities, the ability can be used to kill off anyone escaping the fight by retreating behind the cover of walls.

The third tactic again utilizes the obstacle-piercing nature of the attack, this time to expose players like Brock, Barley, and Dynamike who can shoot over walls. These brawlers have an upper hand against El Primo, Poco, Bull, etc. because they can deal heavy damage while also being safe to most attacks themselves. A well-timed Super from Colt can both injure and expose these campers, giving your teammates an opening to strike and kill the low-health brawlers.

Finally, your Super can be used as a last-ditch source of DPS against enemies that have gotten you into their range, but note that they can kill you even while Bullet Train is activating.


Smash & Grab

Colt’s low health makes him ill-suited for scouting the gem mine for early gems, but his attacks can easily swing the outcome of an early all-out brawl in the center for mine control. Stay inside a bush and fire towards the enemy that is likely to cause the most harm, then aim for supporting characters behind the tank like Shelly, Poco, and Barley.


It’s incredibly difficult to succeed with Colt in Free for All, so it’s highly recommended not to use him for Showdown. However, if you must, remember that his need to stay away from confrontation still applies here. If you spawn in the outside bushes, do not go for the boxes that are also on the edge of the map because there is likely another, more threatening player looking to take those boxes as well. Instead, head for the center and take cover inside of a bush there. Your best chance of survival is to take out boxes whenever there are no players in your field of view, then hiding in bushes near the center of the map. If another player is approaching the bushes, run away and fire at them. Hopefully, they don’t have a Super ability up and aren’t willing to risk taking massive damage from your bullets. Shelly hard counters Colt in this mode, so avoid her at all costs.


Colt acts more of a support character than a character that can hold multiple stars at once in this mode. The fact that an El Primo ability aimed at you is almost certain death means that you rarely want to build up many stars; instead, aim your bullets towards tanks, especially if they are engaged with a tank on your team to allow the player on your team to win the mirror matchup.



Colt is a solid pick because of his ability to snipe at the TNT boxes and the safe. Try to pick off enemies to build your Super, then activating it to hit a TNT box, the wall, and the safe all at once. Colt’s range is longer than you think; there are many positions that you can hide in while attacking the safe, but be warned that this reveals your position to the other team.


Colt can assist in stopping long-ranged players like Brock and Barley before they have a chance to attack the safe, but be warned that El Primo and Bull can easily take him out, then rush to the safe with their Super abilities.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
2630Elixir x1
3660Elixir x2
4690Elixir x3
5720Elixir x4
6750Elixir x5

Attack: Six Shooters

Colt lets his long-range revolvers do his talking for him. He never seems to run out of lines.


LvlDamage per BulletHow to upgrade
284Elixir x1
388Elixir x2
492Elixir x3
596Elixir x4
698Elixir x5


Projectile speed3200
Cooldown0.05 seconds
Active time0.65 seconds
Recharge time1.5 seconds
Casting range30
Num. of bullets5 bullets per attack

Super: Bullet Train

Colt spins his chambers, rattling off a massive burst of bullets that will shred through almost anything.


Projectile speed4500
Cooldown0.05 seconds
Active time1.25 seconds
Casting range40
Num. of bullets1 bullet per shot


LvlDamage per BulletHow to upgrade
284Elixir x1
388Elixir x2
492Elixir x3
596Elixir x4
698Elixir x5


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