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This strange desert dweller is the last of his kind. Or is he...?

Rating (-/10)7.5
Unite typeRanged
  • Pull from Brawl Box
  • Spend 600 Chips to buy


  • High damage attacks.
  • Strong crowd control special.
  • Strong potential for kill set ups.
  • Good as harassing.


  • Bad against high mobility characters.

Upgrade priority

  • Attack goes first on Spike as spike has a high damage rate with (a full contact attack) reaching 300 base damage. That’s enough to take out a third or even half some characters health. With the 6 way explosion of Spikes attack, maxing this first will better help with his aggressive zoning.
  • The Ultra is then taken next due to it’s capability to slow down enemies and do damage over time.
  • Health is maxed last as Spike is a marksman with his long ranged cactus attacks.

Strategies & tips

Primary attack

When using spikes attack, try to directly hit the enemy with Spike’s attack. It deals massive damage. If not, you can aim around the corner and use the end of the explosion to hit enemies hiding behind corners. Spike’s attack is good at killing squishies very quickly so don’t be afraid at battling one.

Super ability

Spike’s ability is a crowd control attack that deals damage over time in the area that his cactus bomb is thrown. With a duration of roughly 4-5 seconds and a base damage of 100 a tick, spike can easily take out enemy squishies, slow down approaching or fleeing enemies, or just set up kills for Spike or the enemy team using his very strong slow. It’s best you approach an enemy team with this thrown special and finish off an enemy caught in the targeted area with you high damage attack.


Smash & Grab
Utilize Spike’s attack to burst down enemies with Spike’s powerful attack and harass the enemy team away from the Gem mine. Use Spike’s Special ability to set up for kills or catch an enemy with a large amount of gems. Spike is great at using his attacks to hit enemies in tricky spots where a linear type attack wouldn’t hit, use this to poke out enemies in hiding.
Though Spike is not a strong choice in showdown, Spike can still perform well with his attacks. Try to stay away from enemies like Shelly and bull to avoid being bursted down quickly. Use Spike’s special to make it easier to kill an enemy with it’s strong slow and damage over time. Try to hide in bushes to better survive if need be.
  • Best character to counter: Shelly.
  • Best character to work with: N/A.
Bounty is a great place to be an aggressive support player for the team. It’s best to use Spike’s special for setting up kills and catching unsuspecting enemies. Burst people down with Spike’s attacks to quickly get kills or chip away at tanks for his team to finish off.
In heist offense, Spike is not so great at breaking down walls to the vault but he is good at helping the team get the vault! Try to take out an enemy protecting the vault with his attacks and use Spike’s special to lockdown approaching enemies trying to interfere with the offensive push.
On defense, Spike’s attacks are great at harassing and pushing those squishy characters away. Try to keep the enemy offenders away with Spike’s special and strong damaging attacks to keep them pushed back and away from the vault. If an enemy comes barging in, lock them down with Spike’s special and burst them down before they can do any more damage to the vault.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
2Elixir x1
3Elixir x2
4Elixir x3
5Elixir x4
6Elixir x5

Attack: Needle Grenade

Spike throws a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions.


Projectile speed2000
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Recharge time2.2 seconds
Casting range23
Num. of spikes1 spike per shot
EffectSpike explosion


LvlDamage per spikeHow to upgrade
2126Elixir x1
3132Elixir x2
4138Elixir x3
5144Elixir x4
6150Elixir x5

Super: Stick Around!

Spike invites all seedlings to a cactus party! Enemies caught in the area take damage and get slowed down.


Projectile speed1200
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Casting range23
Num. of bullets1 bullet per shot
Area effect time4.5 seconds
Area effect radius800


LvlDamage per secondHow to upgrade
2105Elixir x1
3110Elixir x2
4115Elixir x3
5120Elixir x4
6125Elixir x5


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