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update 03/09/2017
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Junker Jessie is hillbilly girl genius who fashions dangerous gun turrets from scrap.

Rating (-/10)6.6
Unite typeRanged
  • Pull from Brawl Box
  • Spend 3 Chips to buy


  • One of the longest ranges in the game.
  • Has incredible damage with normal attack bounce effect.
  • Turret can provide good damage or zone potential.


  • One of the lower health characters.
  • Not very much close range duel potential.
  • Very thin normal attack that is harder to aim than most.
  • Normal attack charges slowly and moves slowly.

Upgrade priority

  • The turret does very good damage and is a nuisance for the enemy team, upgrade increases damage and health, and after the balance changes the turret health does not decay!
  • Attack helps for bounce damage and if someone has 168 health and you have your upgrade they will die opposed to living with a sliver of health.
  • Health is not as important, as you should try to keep enemies away, without turret you will most likely lose a duel close up, so health will not change much.

Strategies and tips

General strategies

  • Stay further back and try to poke enemy down for your team to finish, or snipe to finish a kill, Jessie is not great at hard engaging enemies
  • Stay near the middle of your side, you do not want to flank or be flanked, leave that to tanks or squishy killers, and avoid enemy squishy killers.
  • If jumped by close range fighter and you will most likely die, try to stay near team but go through their character, you can make them miss multiple times if you understand their timing well.
  • Use the times your turret is down to charge your super again, much like Nita, always having your super up makes you much stronger
  • Good for anyone, but try to come from someone's bottom left to abuse their joystick location.

Primary attack

  • Aim for where they will be, slow projectile will miss a moving target if aimed at starting position.
  • Watch for grouped enemies, the bounce effect of the normal attack is invaluable, and it will charge your super move more easily.
  • Watch your enemies for dodge patterns, if you see them stutterstep you can aim a certain way or however you need to depending on their patterns.
  • Time your shot with the ones of your teammates, more projectiles make it harder for the enemy to dodge, increasing landing chance.

Super abilty

  • The turret can be used offensively if an enemy is trapped in an enclosed space, like some of the Heist or Showdown map spaces.
  • Make sure to place the turret in a highly contested area, so your team can take more of the important locations of the map, such as the gem spawn.
  • Place the turret on your side of a wall usually, you don't want it to be easily destroyed by long ranged enemies.

Game mode tips

Smash & Grab
  • Poke to open opportunities for your team and zone the enemy off the gem mine
  • Place your turret in a place to cover the gem mine, but make sure it isn't easily destroyed.
  • Try not to pick up the gems, as Jessie can die very easily and going to the mine could be too deep for this long ranged hillbilly.
  • Jessie is considered very weak on Showdown
  • Use the bounces to contest boxes and charge the turret.
  • Try to stay hidden and not fight anyone, most any brawler can destroy a turretless Jessie in showdown.
  • Jessie is very strong on bounty, with strong pick potential and AOE damage.
  • Try to use your bounces effectively, make sure to hit people standing next to each other, the normally slow bounce will be impossible to dodge if the first hit lands.
  • Keep your turret and team safe with your shots, but if you have many stars keep yourself safe above all else.
  • Jessie is not amazing at heist, but she can be very strong if played correctly.
  • Poke as normal to charge turret, it is an invaluable tool for both defense and offense, much like Big Baby Bear.
  • On attack where there is TNT, you can use it to bounce shots to enemies or zone them away.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
2735Elixir x1
3770Elixir x2
4805Elixir x3
5840Elixir x4
6875Elixir x5

Attack: Shock Rifle

Jessie's own invention, the Shock Rifle fires an energy orb that seeks out up to three targets before fizzling out.


Projectile speed2400
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Recharge time2.0 seconds
Casting range27
Num. of bullets1 bullet per shot


LvlDamageHow to upgrade
2147Elixir x1
3154Elixir x2
4161Elixir x3
5168Elixir x4
6175Elixir x5

Super: Scrappy!

Jessie cobbles together a gun turret out of random scrap. She's a genius!


Projectile speed1100 (2400)
Cooldown0.05 seconds
Active time0.25 seconds
Casting range15
Num. of bullets1 bullet per shot


LvlDamageHealthHow to upgrade
263735Elixir x1
366770Elixir x2
469805Elixir x3
572840Elixir x4
675875Elixir x5


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