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update 30/06/2017

What is Star Player?

Being Star Player is one of the best feelings in Brawl Stars, it gives someone encouragement that what they did was good, and that they performed well and they were helpful to their team's goals.

The 10 extra experience is very helpful, but the star player does not always go to the most deserving player, as it is based off statistics from the match. In this guide, we will go over what dictates who the star player is, how to take advantage of these categories, the different game modes and the best brawlers to be star player in each.

How to be Star Player

The Equation Various stats are taken into consideration when choosing star player, such as:

  • Damage Done/ Kills To be star player, you must have a nice amount of kills, which is supposed to represent damage dealt to the enemy team. Try to play brawlers with high burst damage in order to steal kills, this will lead to your stats looking better and a higher chance of star player.
  • Deaths Deaths lower your kill/death count, to be a contender for star player you should try to have a low number of deaths. Deaths represent the damage of the enemy team onto yourself, keeping deaths low show that you are always there to help your team and do not give advantages over to the enemy.
  • Contributions/Usefulness Each game mode has an objective to it, a way to win over the enemy team. In each one there is something you must do to win, hold gems, break or defend a safe, have the most stars, or be the last player standing. By contributing to the win condition of your team, you will have a higher chance of being star player.

In Smash & Grab

In this game mode your team must win by collecting 10 gems, or having more gems than the other team if they have over 10 for the duration of the countdown. By getting kills, dying less, and holding many gems and killing gemholders, you will have a very high chance of receiving star player.

Best Brawler

Brawlers such as Primo, Shelly, or Bull have strong normal attacks to steal away kills for a higher chance of being star player, and the two tanks die less easily and can hold gems for longer periods of time and with more security. Mortis can be good here to achieve the win condition, stealing gems without dying. Anyone can be star player on any brawler with enough skill, but high burst brawlers are the easiest.

In Bounty

In the Bounty game mode your team must collect more bounty stars than the opposing team. If you can kill targets with many stars without dying, you will have a very good chance of receiving star player for the match.

Best Brawler?

Once again Primo, Shelly, and Bull are strong for their kill steal potential, but Mortis is also quite strong also due to his ability to kill hard to reach backline brawlers and escape.

In Heist

In Heist, your team must break the safe by the countdown or defend it until the countdown.


On offense, Colt, Bull, and Barley are all very strong brawlers, as the first two can break walls and damage the safe while allowing their team to shoot the safe, and the latter can damage the safe over walls with his bottles.


Defense is a difficult mode to be put into, and almost any brawler can be star player by killing attackers. Shelly, Colt, and Ricochet are quite strong on defense, being able to poke down enemies and force them to retreat away from the safe.

In Showdown

There is no Star Player in Showdown.


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