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This enigmatic creature just appeared in town one day. Nobody dares to ruffle his feathers - not anymore.

Rating (-/10)Not rated yet
Unite typeRanged
  • Pull from Brawl Box
  • Spend 600 Chips to buy


  • Very long range to stay safe whiling damaging.
  • Strong super to get away from disadvantageous fights or to get into fights.
  • Poison delays the time before healing can start even longer, taking an enemy out of the fight for a longer time than regular damage.
  • High move speed to be able to chase down or escape enemies.
  • Poison can force enemies to retreat for extended amounts of time.


  • Base damages are quite low, requiring some upgrades to be strong.
  • Difficult to play effectively, as he is quite a unique brawler.
  • Low health, can be dueled very easily without teammate protection.
  • Increasing attack stat does not increase poison damage.
  • 3 dagger attack is not a wave like Poco, it can still miss.

Upgrade priority

  • Crow is a damage based harasser, and attack will help him to hurt enemies more, while his poison forces them out of the fight for longer. Keep in mind the poison damage over time upgrades with attack, so it makes him much stronger.
  • Crow's super will provide more damage if upgraded and is second best to attack upgrades, but keep in mind the charge up is still the same.
  • Health is the least important stat for Crow, he requires good positioning and if caught out without the super move, you will still most likely die, with or without health upgrades.

Strategies & tips

General strategies

  • Stay back and behind your tanks, you are here to take people out of fights, harass them, and maybe snipe a kill or two, not to go in hard and die.
  • Use your speed to kite enemies, lead them around corners or make them follow you in your range while you remain slightly out of theirs.

  • Even if you are not damaging, your poison potential damage can force them away if you walk up a little bit, but if you go too far you could be jumped on and killed.

Primary attack

  • Aim for when you can hit multiple people, or if at long range use prediction shots.
  • Try to poison all enemies, this will discourage them from pressuring your team and force a retreat of all 3 hopefully - If being chased, always kite around structures and stay a good distance from the enemy.

  • Do not go in too far unless you have your super to escape conflict or bad situations.

Super ability

  • Use your super primarily to escape flanks or mispositions, you cannot be hurt while in flight, similarly to El Primo's super move.
  • Can be used offensively, if your team will support you, in order to poison all three enemies and force a large retreat.
  • Take advantage of the dagger shots of both starting flight and ending flight to maximize damage dealt to enemy team, the poison is very strong.


Smash & Grab
  • Use your daggers to zone enemies away, poisoning them to keep them away from the gem mine and out of the fight for extended amounts of time.
  • Try to avoid picking up gems, as you are a squishy backline brawler you should allow tanks who are harder to kill to take gems for the team.
  • You can bait the enemy towards the gem mine by standing near it, and using super to get away and poison them all, forcing a retreat and giving your team control over the gem mine
  • Crow is one of the weakest showdown brawlers, squishy with a slow box clear.
  • Try to stay near edges of the poison to avoid being surrounded.
  • Focus on taking boxes but leave if someone bullies you, you will not be able to contest them.
  • Try to change your super by hitting people clearing boxes, just make sure you are not in range to die to them.
  • Wait for final 3 if you can and super inside if they are both low to poison them to death, or harass them and super away to finish as well.
  • You can run into 3 low targets and poison them all, and if you die and give away one star you can earn 3 as your poison kills them.
  • Stay back and poke for your team, your poison will allow your team to hunt down enemies since they take longer to heal.
  • At the start, shoot daggers into enemy brush near the star, some greedy enemy make take a lot of damage in an attempt to get the first star, and your team can capitalize and kill them.
  • Do not over commit to anything, your job is to poison and delay enemies from rejoining the fray with your poison while your team fights.
  • Defensively, just try to poison enemies and dissuade them from attacking the safe.
  • Offensively, try to charge super so you can fly onto the safe and all the daggers of the super drop will hit it, giving you a lot of damage and it will cause the enemy to panic.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
2630Elixir x1
3660Elixir x2
4690Elixir x3
5720Elixir x4
6750Elixir x5

Attack: Knife Toss

Crow throws a triple threat of poisoned daggers. Enemies nicked by this blade will take damage over time.


Projectile speed3000
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Recharge time1.5 seconds
Casting range28
Num. of knives3 knives per shot


LvlDamage per daggerHow to upgrade
263Elixir x1
366Elixir x2
469Elixir x3
572Elixir x4
675Elixir x5

Super: Swoop

Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him bith on take-off and on landing.


Projectile speed3000
Cooldown0.05 seconds
Active time-
Casting range26
Num. of knives-
Area effect time0.7 seconds
Area effect radius300


LvlDamage per daggerHow to upgrade
263Elixir x1
366Elixir x2
469Elixir x3
572Elixir x4
675Elixir x5


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