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Is El Primo the strongest?

At the early stages of the game, El Primo seems like the strongest character in the game, capable of a 1v3 and incredibly tanky, but this guide will help you to counter this iconic brawler more easily. The following tips and tricks are the most important ways of beating El Primo, each brawler has their own specific techniques to defeat the meteor man, but this guide will be general ways to defeat him, make him less effectively, and how a team should operate against him. Enjoy!

Tip 1

Try to kite and stay out of his range Every brawler inside of the game has a longer range than El Primo, even Mortis, as his dash is quite long. Use your superior range to your advantage, poke his health down, force him to chase you, and this could result in his retreat or death, depending on both teams and their actions.

Tip 2

Focus him if he overextends As a melee tank, El Primo will always have to come close in order to do damage, and odds are he will be the closest to your team out of your 3 opponents. If he is too close or his team is too far, your team can 3v1 him and pepper him down with shots, you should be able to reload by the team he dies and his team arrives if you judge correctly.

Tip 3

Always poke him when you get the chance If you are on full ammo and have nothing to do, and Primo happens to be in your range, why not take a potshot at him? If he's always at low health or not full, he will be more wary of going in to engage your team, and if he does go in, he will die much more easily.

Tip 4

Watch out for his flanks Good El Primo players will usually never run straight at your team, taking free damage is never good for anyone. They will most likely flank your team from the back or side, if you can spot him out early your team can rotate over to cut him off and quickly melt his health bar, leaving his team in a 2v3 situation, one that your team will most likely win.

Tip 5

If you are stuck within his range, go closer If you are within his range without an escape super or superior movement speed, running away will not help you. Primo's attack width gets longer the further out you go, so at the edge of his normal attack range it is quite wide. By going closer, you will be able to make him miss by sidestepping more easily, and you can go through El Primo to make him miss in the complete opposite direction.


There are many other strategies for fighting El Primo but as stated earlier, these are the most important and general tips. There are also specific tips for every single brawler, such as Shelly or Bull who can try extreme melee sidesteps to get full damage without taking Primo's damage. Comment below your favorite tip that's not listed above, thanks for reading!


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