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update 14/07/2017


  • Upon spawning, all players start with one star on their brawler.
  • The battle lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and the team with the most stars wins
  • Killing a player will reward your team with the number of stars they had and will add one star to your brawler.
    The number of stars you can have on your brawler that could be stolen by the other team is 7.
  • There is a single star at the center of the map that can be picked up once and awards one star to the team that obtains it. The player that reaches it also adds a star to their brawler.
  • If both teams have the same number of stars after the game ends, all players receive a draw.

Usable characters

  • Similar to Smash & Grab, virtually all characters are viable in this game mode.
  • The best ones include: Jessie, Shelly, Ricochet, Colt, Piper.
  • Long-ranged brawlers benefit from being able to snipe down enemy players for many stars.

Character Specifics

On most maps, long ranged characters with high damage capacity will do the best because of their ability to pick off enemies while staying relatively safe. Contrast this to short-ranged characters that can be killed quickly by kiting and stacking damage. This difference is less pronounced on the map that is mostly grass, however.


Not very useful due to his low damage and incredibly low range.
Generally considered the best brawler in this gamemode due to her absurd damage at high range, which suits the playstyle of Bounty.

Can be used in conjunction with Piper in game rooms to instantly kill squishy brawlers, assuming both his and Piper’s shots connect.



Useful for mowing down front-line attackers in team fights, but remember to stay as close to your teammates as possible once you gain many stars.

El Primo

These characters have difficulty in gaining stars safely, so they are less potent.

Strategies & Tips

In this game mode, getting safe kills is the most important aspect. Every star is valuable, so unlike in Smash & Grab, having few stars does not mean that you should sacrifice your life. Instead, aim to stay back and near your teammates, especially if your brawler has relatively low health. Then, when an opponent with a high amount of stars exposes himself, whether by moving away from teammates or rushing in, focus your team DPS onto them to steal their stars.

At the same time, always keep in mind the concept of risk vs reward. Before you pursue an enemy at low health, consider whether you are putting yourself at risk of death, especially if their teammates wield deadly amounts of DPS such as Shelly or Bull. Since a single star can easily change the outcome of the game, it may be wise to hang back and engage at a later time rather than going in for a suicide mission that may not turn a profit. This is especially good advice to keep in mind for El Primo and Bull, who are often inclined to rush into enemy territory with their Super abilities. These brawlers may have a lot of health, but this can be quickly burned off without proper support from teammates.

One strategy is allowing the most skilled brawler to obtain kills because of the star cap. After reaching 7 stars, a player that kills more opponents will not also increase the potential amount of stars given up to the opponent team, so giving them more kills is the best option for you team. Of course, this kind of coordination is only really possible in a team with those you know, so it’s recommended to play with Band mates/friends. In all likelihood, however, the game will be decided by the number of stars held by each team at the end of the game, as it's difficult to gain 7 or more stars against skilled players.

Keeping this fact in mind, the most important aspect of Bounty is the end of the game, where players will be trying to kill and gain those last few critical stars. If you are holding 4 or more stars for your team, it's best to avoid conflict as much as possible and never isolating yourself, as this presents an opportunity for the opposing team to rush in and kill you. Instead, stay together and focus your team damage on any opponents that may be inclined to rush in after a low health teammate.

There does exist a strategy for highly-skilled, coordinated teammates which relies primarily on the center star. Using characters with high damage output (such as Spike and Shelly), claim the center star, then retreat to the home base and repel the enemy team for the full duration of the game. If you lose a teammate, aim to kill enough opponents to place your team back in the lead by a slight margin, then resume defending your spawn. This works mostly because of the long immunity granted upon spawn; it’s incredibly difficult to gain a foothold in the enemy spawn area because of this lengthy immunity, meaning that taking out a player will temporarily make their team stronger after they respawn.

Possible Changes (not implemented yet)

  • Center star does not add one star to your brawler’s bounty.
  • Players spawn with 2 stars, meaning that getting kills with less than 7 stars will always be beneficial.


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