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El Primo was hit by a meteor from outer space, giving him superhuman strength and unrivaled charisma.

Rating (-/10)8.3
Unite typeMelee/Tank
  • Pull from Brawl Box
  • Spend 3 Chips to buy


  • Great at securing objectives.
  • Good special for engaging or disengaging fights.
  • Largest health pool of any character (base and maxed health).


  • Easily kitable.
  • Low attack range.

Upgrade priority

  • Health goes first as the tankier he is, the more he can distract and last in battle which is needed. He can also survive much longer if he is the one holding all those gems or holding an objective.
  • Attack goes next so that once he is in range if the enemy, he can melt them away!
  • His special is maxed last as it is simply a special used for engaging or getting away. Not so much for damage dealing.

Strategies & tips

Primary attack

Once El Primo’s is in range of an enemy, he can unleash his flurry of punches. With a max damage of 105 a punch and four punches an attack, Le Primo can do some serious damage if up close to an enemy. Try sneaking in bushes or ganking an enemy team to have a better chance at landing your hits. Avoid running straight at an enemy as they can kite you to death or burst El Primo down if they have enough burst.

Super ability

El Primo has a high health bar which is great for tanking up all that damage while El Primo and his team attack the enemy team. Use that health to jump into battle with his long ranged special to engage an enemy. If need be, El Primo can secure gems and then leap away to safety. As a mini mechanic, when El Primo Lands he does damage and knocks back enemies in the small radius around him stunning them momentarily. Use the time when they are stunned to deal damage and gain the advantage.


Smash & Grab
In Smash & Grab, El Primo can play two efficient roles, Gem securing or backline harassment. If he is securing gems, use your health to secure gems when your team is pushed up or contesting the gem mine to stay alive. If El Primo is low on health, he can use his special ig on hand to jump away to safety. No one likes a Primo who runs in with all those gems for a meaningless kill. If harassing, try to sneak into the back line to annoy or distract the enemies away from his team for the best chance at securing gems or getting kills to prevent the offending team from gaining dominance of the gem mine.
Though the usage of El Primo in showdown has died out with the higher usage of his counter being used more often (Shelly), El Primo is still a strong brawler in the event. Try to collect as many crate boosts as possible with El Primo. Avoid close matchups with Bull as he can burst you down with his high attack damage up close. Stay out of shelly’s range as well.
With many dos squishies dominating the bounty event, El Primo is usually shot down to a low health where he can’t do much. Try hiding in bushes or ambushing enemies in efforts to kill enemies. If need be, use El Primo’s special to jump away to safety so El Primo’s doesn’t give his stars away.
On the offense, try to charge up your special as quick as possible and rush down the safe. The more El Primo does that, the more the enemy team tries to stop him meaning his team now has a much easier time getting to and dealing damage to the safe as well. Distraction is the main key to success.

On defense, it’s best El Primo deny’s area and fends off offending players near the safe. If he is simply attacked trying to attack the enemy, then all he is doing is charging their special up. No one likes a Bull charging at his safe or a Barley throwing a thousands attacks every second.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
21365Elixir x1
31430Elixir x2
41495Elixir x3
51560Elixir x4
61625Elixir x5

Attack: Fists of Fury

El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. Thats a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!


Projectile speed-
Cooldown0.05 seconds
Active time0.65 seconds
Recharge time0.8 seconds
Casting range11
Num. of bullets3 punches per shot


LvlDamage per punchHow to upgrade
284Elixir x1
388Elixir x2
492Elixir x3
596Elixir x4
6100Elixir x5

Super: Flying Elbow Drop

Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that pounds and pushes away anything he lands on!


Projectile speed-
Cooldown0.05 seconds
Active time-
Casting range27
Num. of bullets-


LvlDamageHow to upgrade
2210Elixir x1
3220Elixir x2
4230Elixir x3
5240Elixir x4
6250Elixir x5


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