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As an epic, Mortis is not very common of a brawler to see, causing some confusion and panic when he is on the enemy team. By now, most people have seen him a multitude of times, yet he is still very tricky for them to fight. With decent health, the highest movement speed, and a fairly long dash as his normal attack, Mortis can easily weave in and out of fights while causing confusion for the enemy team. This guide will go over tips to counter the mobile monster that is Mortis, and hopefully you can be more effective when facing off against one, or you will understand your own weaknesses better if you play him.

Move unpredictably

Mortis has a fixed dash range and the line in which he damages is fairly narrow. If you move perpendicular to him, you can avoid his damage, as it will be harder for him to hit you with accuracy.

Know his dash direction

If you watch a Mortis enough times, you will be able to know how far and fast he will dash. Use this to your advantage, so you can time your shots to hit him mid dash or at the end of his dash, this is quite easy to do if he is dashing at you, he cannot change directions while dashing

Focus him down

With his dash and need to hit as a melee brawler, he can often overextend into your team, allowing your team to focus him down and kill him. Mortis players will often leave their teams behind due to their sheer speed and mobility, take advantage of this arrogance.

Wait a little before shooting

Mortis' main threat is that his dashes make hitting him difficult. Try dodging until his dashes are down, then shooting him. This will improve your accuracy and decrease his value tremendously, he is the least tanky front-line brawler in the game, use this to your advantage.

Force his team into retreat

Often times Mortis will try to confuse your team with his dashes, try just ignoring him and focusing his teammates, this is effective on Smash & Grab, as he cannot camp the gem mine by himself if his team retreats.

Do not stand next to your team

All of his damage is AOE, his dash can hit multiple targets and his lifesteal super can as well, by limiting his damage to 1 target or less, you will decrease his value and keep your team in a stronger position.

Watch your backline

Mortis likes to flank and try to assassinate a squishy target, so keep your eyes on flank positions and bushes, and stay in helping distance of your snipers and backliners.


BrawlerHow to use
Shelly is as tanky as Mortis is, leaving them even in that regard, yet Shelly's damage is higher, especially with a full shotgun blast. Due to Mortis being unable to change direction mid dash, you can easily abuse him with your range or a powerful full shell blast. Your super move can destroy a wall that Mortis is using for cover and also damage him.
El Primo
El Primo
As the tankiest brawler in the game, Primo is a very strong counter to Mortis. He cannot be melted down by Mortis and his damage is very high at close range, so you can take advantage of a dash to land a lot of damage for your team to follow up on. Your super can be used to escape if you are about to die, or you can catch Mortis if his dashes are down.
As a tank, it is very difficult for Mortis to solo kill a Bull. You also have your shotgun blast which can two shot Mortis at melee range, so you can hit him mid dash and annihilate him. He is also a good zone tool to keep Mortis away, so make sure to keep him off your backline. Your super is an effective wallbreaker and escape.
Poco's health matches evenly with Mortis', but his true advantage lies in his wide shot and range. While Mortis has a narrow dash, Poco has a wide wave of damage, making Poco's normal attack much easier to land than Mortis'. The super can save yourself or a teammate quite easily, so Mortis and his assassination attempt will be unsuccessful.


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