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Take down the other nine and be the last one standing. There are no teams and you only have one life. Game on!


Showdown is one of the four original game modes inside of Supercell's newest game, Brawl Stars. It is the only game mode where you have no team and cannot queue with others, and it is unique in the sense that there are ten players in a match opposed to the regular six of a 3v3.

There is also a larger map due to the population size of Showdown matches and boxes, crates with 1500 health that can be killed for blue potion, which upgrades all of your stats like an elixir upgrade. Killing other players can also get you blue potions, based on the amount they have consumed. The objective of the game is to be the last player standing, though depending on your brawler rank you will still get trophies even when not first place. Any character can work in Showdown, but the best ones are duelists who can fight well without the support of teammates. People can win on anything but usually Primo, Shelly, or Bull will win.

Character Specifics

El Primo
El Primo
Primo Considered by most players to be the strongest Showdown brawler, Primo is definitely a strong pick if you want to place well in your Showdown matches.

With his tankiness you are able to intimidate people off boxes, take poke and survive, and take a few extra hits. His normal attack is fairly strong, able to clear boxes quite quickly, enabling him to gather blue potions quickly and snowball.
If someone disagrees that Primo is the best Showdown brawler, chances are they'll say it's Shelly. Shelly is an absolute monster at Showdown, with range, close up damage, and some tankiness, she has very few weaknesses for an enemy to exploit in a 1v1 situation.

You can walk close to the boxes for a 400 damage shot without upgrades, so a new Shelly can break her first box in 4 shots. The 400 damage shots are insanely powerful, as with the boxes she gains her damage increases significantly as well. Poke from distance until you can close in and hit all your shells on them, contest boxes, and use your super if they get to close.
Bull is the second tankiest brawler in the game, and with the shotgun mechanic he is very strong in Showdown as well.

At base stats he is capable of doing 500 damage in one shot, so he is the fastest box clear at 3 shots needed. This enables you to quickly destroy boxes and get blue positions to be a contender for first place. If you can land your full shell shots you can beat either Shelly or Primo, but you could find them difficult to duel at Primo's full range or longer.
Nita is an honorable mention, as her wave can pass through all targets to give her extreme AOE damage, box contesting, and super move charging potential.

Once her super move is charged, almost anyone will be forced to retreat from boxes and BBB, enabling you to take the box and charge your super more.

Early Game

This is where there are 10-6 players left, and it must be played with extreme caution, as you will usually lose trophies if you die during this stage of the game. Start by taking the box nearest you, but if at the edges make sure that nobody is ambushing you. Move from box to box but try not to get into skirmishes, if you probably cannot contest the box, leave for another it is not worth dying. Try to avoid being surrounded and help people surround others to clear competition.

Mid Game

This is between 6-4 players left and it can be quite long or short, just like any Showdown match. At this point it is good to be more aggressive, as there are less people to surround you and you will not lose too many trophies, if any. If on a weak duelist or if you are lower than others regarding to blue potions, try to stay hidden.

Late Game

This is the final 3 or 4 players, where almost anyone has a chance of being the top dog. Stay near the edge of the fight, people tend to surround and take out a middle guy. Play very safe, and poke as much as you can. For the final duel try to walk through the enemy to make them miss shots, this is invaluable, but make sure to aim well if they do the same.

General Tips & Strategies

  • Never fight anyone unless you are sure you can win, and nobody will interfere. Dying is bad, there is no re-spawn in this mode and you can lose large amounts of trophies for placing badly.
  • Try to learn where boxes are on each map. This will help you quickly gather boxes before your enemies can, and this in turn will make you a stronger duelist and contender for first place.
  • Always check bushes if you have full ammo. You don't want to be ambushed, this tactic can give you a warning you would otherwise not get if a Primo or someone else is lying in wait to pick you off.
  • Take free poke opportunities. Damaging enemies and stopping them from regenerating health will keep them away, if you do it enough they could even leave you alone for an easier target.
  • Always use cover to walk, there are many Shellys who love to poke people down, they can't do this if you always have a wall between you


Death Valley
Showdown Map Death Valley
Death Valley
Skull Creek
Showdown Map Skull Creek
Skull Creek
Stormy Plains
Showdown Map Stormy Plains
Stormy Plains


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