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One team defends the safe. The other tries to break it open. Surprise! You won't know which team you'll be on!


Heist is one of the original four game modes inside of Brawl Stars. It is the only game mode where the two teams have opposing goals. One team must defend a safe for the duration of the countdown while the other must destroy it before the countdown ends. As per usual, Heist features two teams of 3 players each, like every current game mode besides Showdown. The safe has over 5000 health depending on the map, which can be worn down quite easily.

Most people agree that offense is more favored than defense, but on certain maps there is TNT blocked walls that must be passed in order to reach the safe, providing nobody uses a wall-breaking super. Each section of this guide will be split into Offense and Defense, as the two are quite different.

Offensive Brawlers

Colt has one of the longest ranges in the game and very high damage potential. You can pick off defenders easily if they attempt to prevent your team from advancing, which also charges your super move.

Once you have your super move you can easily shoot at the wall protecting the safe or another wall to open a pathway, giving easy ranged access to the safe to damage it.
Bull is arguably the best tank for offensive Heist, his super is an incredible wall-breakers to enable snipers on his team and to get him to the safe, where he can hit his melee range shotgun blasts to deliver massive damage to the safe.

Charging the super can be difficult with all the snipers but if you can get a flank position killing them should be easy.
Barley is quite strong on offense, with his area damage that lasts for a while, he can zone defenders from attempting to route his team.

You can throw over walls to damage enemies or the safe, and the super area is so large that if your teammate is attacking the safe and you use it, you can zone off enemies and damage the safe, while allowing your teammate to destroy it.

Defensive Brawlers

Colt is simply one of the best characters in Heist mode, and he can definitely perform well on defense as well.

His high damage and range forces enemies to continuously retreat, instead of advancing towards the safe. His super move can clear away enemy cover, enabling him to push them back even further out of his threatening range.
Shelly performs very well on defense, her poke damage and quick reload allows her to keep enemies at bay, and her full shotgun blast is sure to leave a mark on anyone coming too close to the safe.

Her super move can devastate the enemy team, and can be used to clear enemy cover as well.
As an epic, Bo is far less seen than most brawlers in the game, but he is very strong as a Heist defender. His long range enables him to keep enemies back, and with the AOE effect of his arrows he can hit multiple attackers at once, forcing a larger retreat.

His super move is also very strong, the traps can be placed at defensible chokepoints so the enemy cannot advance too close to the safe.

Tips & Strategy (Offense)

  • Teamwork is important, but it does not mean sticking with your team always. With the massive amounts of AOE in the game, distancing yourself can be beneficial, and many maps have multiple pathways to the safe, enabling for you to split up the defense by coming from multiple sides.
  • Do not go one by one to attack. The enemy team only has one goal: to stop your team from damaging the safe, so they will be fairly coordinated against attackers. Sending in the team into 1vs3 will not help, try to all attack at once, and regroup if a teammate dies instead of suiciding.
  • Charge up your super moves. Super moves are game-changers, especially in Heist mode. With so many wall-breaking super moves, you will be able to access the enemy safe much more easily, resulting in more damage and more likely of a victory.

Tips & Strategy (Defense)

  • Work with your team to kill targets one at a time. A dead enemy will not be able to attack, while three half health ones can. Work together to melt an enemy to prevent a lot of damage onto the safe.
  • Walk out of your base sometimes. Many brawlers have advantages if they can come close enough, if you move further out they will not be able to hit the safe if you are pressuring them.
  • Watch the safe. If your entire team is chasing a kill someone can slip around and kill the safe, so keep an eye on the health bar and the actual safe.
  • Damaging an enemy can take them out of the fight too. There's no need to chase kills, they provide nothing for you in Heist mode. Your objective is to protect the safe for the duration of the countdown, so if you can poke them enough to force a retreat, there is no need to kill them if it wastes too much time.


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Bandit Stash
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