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Band recruitment

Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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Levy 10hour ago
Hello there! We are looking for active brawlers that have decent trophies. The minimum requirement is 0, but if you are inactive, you will be kicked. Must be able to participate in team matches often. Band Name: DumbDiegos (ikr such a good name)
Awfulwaffles 5days ago
Hey brawlers! My band Greater Design is top 25 local and top 150 global, looking for members 1400 trophies and up!
Anoymous 8days ago
Me and my cousin started a band,and we need a lot of new players to help us grow. The band is called Broken Soldiers, this clan is for anyone who wants to join because the is a 0 trophie limit, we hope to see you in are band :)
Calible 9days ago
Me And my cousin started the clan called: Noobie Esports (clan tag: #992YY8R). This is a clan for all the players that aren't good enough YET for a real competitive clan. I hope I Will see u Guys. (:
GameA1 9days ago
Thank you guys for using the forum! This website will keep updating! If you want to help us, please send an email to
MateoG13 22days ago
Hello I'm MateoG13 the leader of 50 Stars. Join are band 50 Stars it isn't a very active and helpful band! I just made it so we are a little low on tropheys but we will work are way up to the top when we get more active members
<< Anonymous(MateoG13)
Mcringe 10days ago Reply
Good luck with the band. I can't join, I am getting together a band myself but just wanted to tell you good luck
Mcringe 10days ago
Hello I am wanting to start a competitive clan called "OR eSports" if you could at least check it out that would be awesome. If there are multiple with the same name look for one with a leader named Mcringe. Thanks!
<< Anonymous(Mcringe)
Anoymous 10days ago Reply

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Hello there! We are looking for active brawlers that have decent trophies. The minimum requiremen...
are you saying dynamike is trash he is pretty viable but not just in top tier mabye in low to mid...
Thank you for pointing out! Fixed!
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