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Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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Hayden ツ
Hi we are recruiting ppl we are a new club called Luminous Gaming. The trophy requirements are 0 as we have just started. 1 member that’s me. Tag= 2QV0VCGQC called Luminous Gaming
Club name: The Chill Gang
Trophies req: 9k
Total trophies: 121k
Members: 7
Active and family friendly
Hello! Rice eaters is recruiting loyal members
Join the newest Dragonriders club "DR Sanctum"
Hello, Nemesis is recruiting. We are a new clan on brawl stars looking to pick up new and experienced players. Family friendly and 0 trophies required to join. Looking to build a friendly club where players can join to grow there trophies and help each other get better. Club Tag #20JQQ0JYJ
Join this club with this code cqjj2vvr
Pushing petals
Sharp Scythes

The best new club in Brawl Stars!

Club Tag:#22CYLRULG

Region: North America

Trophy Requirement: 0

Club Type: Family Friendly!

Why Join Sharp Scythes?

-We are an active and friendly club!

-A nurturing environment that allows players to grow their skill level and develop as a player!

-We are developing a program for members that want to play competitively!

-People are always willing to help another push trophies and climb!

-We have friendly tournaments for members of the club!

-We also have a Discord Server coming very soon!

-We help our players find amazing opportunities!

Why did you create Sharp Scythes?

I created Sharp Scythes Because I wanted to create a Truly Great Organization.

I was previously part of some Major Organizations, Such as:Frost, Labyrinth Gaming and Aphelion. I had positions of authority in all three organizations and didn't like the way they were being run. To me all the Massive Organizations seemed more like a business than a fun welcoming space for people to make friends and collaborate. That's when I thought of the idea to make an Org that was Welcoming, Friendly and fun to be a part of. That thought has now become a reality through Sharp Scythes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!

It means a lot to us considering we are a new Club/Org with few members!

I would really appreciate it if you consider joining the club!

Feel Free to DM me About Anything My discord is:RavenBS#0179

We Hope you Join Scythes!!!
<< Anonymous
Tenshiokada Reply
I cant find your club
Zerø Moøn

Who are we ?
We are a Brawl Stars club established under Zerø eSports made up of players of all trophy levels, we are making a name for ourselves! Our main purpose is to push trophies, connect with active players that have a desire to get better at the game, and to build a strong community!
Club Name: Zerø Moøn
Club ID: #28ORYOLP2
Required trophies: 0
Total Trophies: 260K
Type: OPEN

Active chat in game and discord!
Lots of teammates
A chance to grow



(DM me for any other info and or of you have a club that would like to merge) Click this link to join my Club in Brawl Stars!
Our clan is a new clan with just 30 members, and we are looking for beginners to moderate players to join our club. More than 10 people are above 10k trophies and are willing to help everyone to push trophies and complete special events. I am on 18k trophy range and I'm ready to help new players learn alot about the game. We play friendlies regularly, its a fun and friendly environment in our club.

These type of players will be appreciated

Active members

Non-Toxic members

Kind members

The club is invite only, so you can request to join and we will accept immediately
<< Anonymous(BrawlNova)
Anonymous Reply
[0] Brawl Breakers #22JCPY9PP
Can’t find anybody to push trophies with? Join Collard Greens (#220UYRRLP) today to have high leveled 10000 trophy players that are more than happy to guide you help you push trophies and give tips and tricks for all of your favorite brawlers and gamemodes! Join now today to help us grow and become one of the greatest clubs of all time!! First come first serve get free senior position!!! I look forward to seeing you guys!!
Join "Damned Phoenix". We're a South African club but we accept worldwide players. We're active and are just trying to grow and have fun

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Hi we are recruiting ppl we are a new club called Luminous Gaming. The trophy requirements are 0 ...
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