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Band recruitment

Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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Austin 2days ago
Join Speedsters! Fairly new band with 0 trophy requirement! We have about 75+ members, join and help us out!! :)
Rex 2days ago
I'm planning to make a band. i'm at 1700 and my friends will join (1700 & 1500 & 250). we want active players 800+. 2000+ for elder. reply if you might want to join. I need at least 10 people.
Camkoe13 14days ago
Join our band “Sauced” #LC9RCYQ just use the tag because the letters in the name are red. 400 trophy minimum
Anonymous 21days ago
[0] ‘Rigor Mortis’ : #LLU22OY Discord:
TripleU 22days ago
Feel free to join our new band Pro Squad. We are active.
MrT 24days ago
Welcome this is the TheLowksCrew brawl stars band. We are in great need of band member mostly because we have 2 people but thats ok because your join.......right.....please......Alright i suck personally and im at 826 but we accept everyone at any trophies our leade is currently at 5k we have a discord server its and our band name is TheLowksCrew on brawl stars and our codeis #LLQ202C We welcome everyone.
Hello everyone !! New friendly & welcoming clan just arrived in brawl stars !! Currently a small bunch but trying to grow quickly as we can! Everyone is more then welcome to join up! Looking forward to new members !
New Band
#L8UG2GU [1000]
I’ve been playing since the release. Just started a band with the intentions of staying active, and heading for the top. The band as of now is open. That is all.
`Ultra instinct `
*But why join the band? Here’s why!*
- Toxic free, friendly and active
ou’ll have a great experience in our band
New clan called “SavageSquad”. Currently 4 members.
Join destoyers a new band looking for new members and cos and elders. 3 members currently but growing by the day anyone is welcome

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Join Speedsters! Fairly new band with 0 trophy requirement! We have about 75+ members, join and h...
useful information.
Where did you get such Detailed statistics? e.g. the Projectile Speed?
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