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update 17/06/2017

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Band recruitment

Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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Join Infinite! We are in the top 100 locally! Requires 200 trophies! Maturity optional, personality required! Active at all times! Come and join the family!
<< Anonymous(Velocity)
Trollolol Reply
Seems legit I searched up and it looked pretty cool
<< Anonymous(Velocity)
Baby Reply
Wow nice
<< Anonymous(Velocity)
Jonny Reply
I love playing as Piper. Can I join?
<< Anonymous(Velocity)
Awesome Reply
Please join
active band
Top 100
<< Anonymous(gabriel)
nightbot Reply
i wanna join
<< Anonymous(nightbot)
Anonymous Reply
i changed the settings to open
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
anyone can join
<< Anonymous
gary3927 Reply
JOIN its really good
Join Purge™ Looking for members high members coming soon, anyone can join. goal to play in a good environment and push! Let's make this band on the leaderboards!
<< Anonymous(THE LONER)
Anonymous Reply
Omg so true
<< Anonymous(THE LONER)
Rovot Reply
Yeah it's very good leadership is awesome if you all join we could make top bands easily
<< Anonymous(THE LONER)
Boyszz3738 Reply
I joined yesterday and it's awesome! Remember all top bands start like this!
<< Anonymous(THE LONER)
Anonymous Reply
Cool :)
Greeting, we've created an efficient band. Focusing on finesse and quality brawlers. We'd like new members to join us on our journey. We'll help attainment of trophies and ranks. You wont be disappointed. Band name is: PewPew (Trademark Sign)
<< Anonymous(Prynce )
Sage Reply
Nice Band, they helped me get 460 from 300 :))
<< Anonymous(Prynce )
BarBar Reply
Hi, may I join your band? I'm a new player, active daily, currently at 783 trophies level 21. Just looking for others to play with!

<< Anonymous(BarBar)
Crevier Power Reply
Join our band! We’re helping low level players to grind! Join “Crevier Power”
Hello! We are looking for active players to join my top band :D Everyone is welcome:
<< Anonymous(JustMacti)
JustMacri Reply
<< Anonymous(JustMacti)
JustMacri Reply
JackFire 28days ago
A brand new gaming community branching out from Brawl Stars. We’re dedicated to creating and maintaining a mature, friendly and competitive gaming community for all our members to enjoy!

We just got started and we're already growing rapidly! This is a great chance to start your career in an up and coming ranked club!

ObsessedGaming 200+ #8V2PU0P
<< Anonymous(JackFire)
JackFire 28days ago Reply
For more information please visit our official recruitment thread or discord:
<< Anonymous(JackFire)
sm00th | OG 25days ago Reply
Please remember this is the beginning! With our growth, (which is progressing exceedingly well), we will be able to transition into molding our competitive aspects within the community.

Have ideas? Experience leading competitive teams? We are always open to suggestions and looking for dedicated team leaders.

Be sure to join our discord listed above and ask us how today!

New Newbie Band. We’re international. Opened to everyone. Please be active.
Discord at
<< Anonymous(CHOBOJA 초보자)
Anonymous Reply
Band Tag
Hello I'm MateoG13 the leader of 50 Stars. Join are band 50 Stars it isn't a very active and helpful band! I just made it so we are a little low on tropheys but we will work are way up to the top when we get more active members
<< Anonymous(MateoG13)
Mcringe Reply
Good luck with the band. I can't join, I am getting together a band myself but just wanted to tell you good luck
Top local band Britain nt squad 400 trophies to join
<< Anonymous(Harv)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
WHats the discord
Bubba 29days ago
Recruiting for Brawl stars Club/ Band. Join "Brawl Nation". American, English speaking club. We do weekend events and participate with each other daily! Join and let's make Brawl Nation grow!
<< Anonymous(Bubba)
Bubba 29days ago Reply
The Club tag is #9RUCCYG. For easier search results :)
Join up I iust started this. I am on like all day. Looking for people that are the same join up quick.
<< Anonymous(NiTeMaReZ)
Anonymous Reply
hey can you join my active band
Band Tag: #P0LJ98R
I am the leader: ShiroX9 with 2580 current Trophies.
This is a GLOBAL BAND which consists of people from all around the world. Active Players welcome.
<< Anonymous(ShiroX9)
Band Name Reply
Its Tamago Army

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Join the Allies™ Gaming Community! We are in the top 60 locally (UnitedStates)! Requires 40...
Where is Barryl...i'm courious
Join my clan :)
When brawl star will launched in nepal
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