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Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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DylanTheVillain 9hour ago
Club name: ClubBash™️
Club tag: #TQ9992OR
Newly made clan, accepting anyone who is active and loves the game. I have 10k trophies and want to help people gain more as well. Hope you join!!
Parv 1days ago
I need always online club

Join Epic Gamers 6days ago
We started this club with a group of friends, and most of them have abandoned the game, leaving only a few of us still active
Requires 800 trophies
And try to at least be active a few times a week
Destroyer 7days ago
Come join us Team Shark. We have 4 10k + players
<< Anonymous(Destroyer)
Parv 1days ago Reply
Hi i want to join your club invite me my id Parv
Anonymous 11days ago
Join Too Much Sauce

We’re a new club looking for active members. Looking for all trophy levels.
CapitanSpikkey#9886 15days ago
Hello guys , we are rebuilding this clan and ill show some infos below :
* 9/100 Members
* 31,000+ Points
* Location : Austria
* We were **TOP 150** once on Austria
* Link :
* Discord :
* Website :
We want to make an Active , Good and Chill Clan , so join us and be a part of our Team !
* If you have any question then DM me !
Btw my name is discord name so if you have any question feel free to ask
Anonymous 16days ago
- Hey guys we just re-opened our BS Clan and we are looking for some active and good player !

»Clan Name : Team Void
FarisPark 16days ago

come and join our clan. Looking for serious, active players. 1000 required

Be quick! Only 98 spaces remaining :p
Team Blu 19days ago
Discord link=
(In progress)
Team Blu 19days ago
Team-Blu. Trophies-2831. Required trophies-0. Tag-#PQR2V8GG. Type- Open
Etienne 26days ago
-Part of Mystic Esports
-Active and loyal peeps welcome!
-Perfect club for players that are willing to play competitively!
-Grind like Never Before with the help of our amazing club members!
Gvnna 30days ago
Join Grey Squad!
Clan tag: #PYLCCJY8
Requirements: Any trophy amount ☺️
Must remain active

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Club name: ClubBash™️ Club tag: #TQ9992OR Newly made clan, accepting anyone who is active...
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