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Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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Anonymous 8days ago
All welcomed for club league. Diamond power league players.
Anonymous 13days ago
Click this link to join my Club in Brawl Stars!
Zeke_5127 16days ago
Club name:FreeFallNation
Club members:9
Required trophies:8k

We are seeking members for the upcoming clan games!.
Hayden ツ
Hi we are recruiting ppl we are a new club called Luminous Gaming. The trophy requirements are 0 as we have just started. 1 member that’s me. Tag= 2QV0VCGQC called Luminous Gaming
Club name: The Chill Gang
Trophies req: 9k
Total trophies: 121k
Members: 7
Active and family friendly
Hello! Rice eaters is recruiting loyal members
Join the newest Dragonriders club "DR Sanctum"
Hello, Nemesis is recruiting. We are a new clan on brawl stars looking to pick up new and experienced players. Family friendly and 0 trophies required to join. Looking to build a friendly club where players can join to grow there trophies and help each other get better. Club Tag #20JQQ0JYJ
Join this club with this code cqjj2vvr
Pushing petals
Sharp Scythes

The best new club in Brawl Stars!

Club Tag:#22CYLRULG

Region: North America

Trophy Requirement: 0

Club Type: Family Friendly!

Why Join Sharp Scythes?

-We are an active and friendly club!

-A nurturing environment that allows players to grow their skill level and develop as a player!

-We are developing a program for members that want to play competitively!

-People are always willing to help another push trophies and climb!

-We have friendly tournaments for members of the club!

-We also have a Discord Server coming very soon!

-We help our players find amazing opportunities!

Why did you create Sharp Scythes?

I created Sharp Scythes Because I wanted to create a Truly Great Organization.

I was previously part of some Major Organizations, Such as:Frost, Labyrinth Gaming and Aphelion. I had positions of authority in all three organizations and didn't like the way they were being run. To me all the Massive Organizations seemed more like a business than a fun welcoming space for people to make friends and collaborate. That's when I thought of the idea to make an Org that was Welcoming, Friendly and fun to be a part of. That thought has now become a reality through Sharp Scythes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!

It means a lot to us considering we are a new Club/Org with few members!

I would really appreciate it if you consider joining the club!

Feel Free to DM me About Anything My discord is:RavenBS#0179

We Hope you Join Scythes!!!
<< Anonymous
Tenshiokada Reply
I cant find your club

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All welcomed for club league. Diamond power league players.
hey can you explain to me club league
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