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This is an active clan for players that are beginners to this game or looking for a club. It's a friendly club with teams mates to help out in gaining trophies or doing events together. 7 days of inactivity will lead to getting kicked. LIL BRAWLERZ Required Trophies: 0 Club Tag: #2RRU9GLG Type: Open However, if you're above 3000 or have reached it, you have an option to stay in this clan 'Lil Brawlerz' or move out and go to the main club 'Brawlerz' which is again a friendly and active community. 2 days of inactivity will lead getting kicked out of the clan. Currently locally (GB) top 50 in the leaderboard. BRAWLERZ Required trophies: 3000 Club tag: #9VQV8JJ Type: Open Discord: KkfrMNU
Where is Barryl...i'm courious
When brawl star will launched in nepal
Elixir 1
Elixer doesn't exist anymore
Thank you herro, because I completely agree
Just saying, Brawl Stars has had about 3 updates since this was made
It’s so op whit the auto aim now.
useful information.
hey can you join my active band Ether #LJQJG0
When do they think it will be available in game ?? Release date?
Thank you for pointing out! Fixed!
I have a character idea, his name is geo, his weapon is a big pick axe.His normal attack is that he smashes his pick axe into the ground and does area damage all around him. His super would be him spinning around like a tornado with his pick in his hand.Rarity would be epic, health would be 1000, base damage would be 150 and his speed would be 500. For looks he would have a huge beard, he is a big muscular guy, and you at supercell can do his clothes and face
Good write up! Keep up your work :)
Good in-depth guide.
I love playing Poco. He should be top tier.
It seems a bit subjective, but thank you for this work :)


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This is an active clan for players that are beginners to this game or looking for a club. It'...
Where is Barryl...i'm courious
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