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Orbit #QRCLYPCL [1000] is a brand new club looking for 1000+ players to grow a community out of brawl stars. Having been founded recently, I am currently one of two members. We are looking to create a competitive and supportive player base in the club. This club is a fresh start for anyone who wants to become part of a new community. Hopefully, you will join! - UK based and English speaking, this doesn't mean you have to be from the UK just speak English. - Discord server is highly recommended, with admin and moderator spots available (have to be earned). - Weekly competitions will be held once an active player base has been developed. Requirements: - 1000+ (as previously mentioned) - Be active in the game and in the community - Be respectful to everyone Any questions? Feel free to DM me! Club Invite: Discord:
Бокс для детей
Brawl Stars
Where is Barryl...i'm courious
When brawl star will launched in nepal
Elixir 1
Elixer doesn't exist anymore
Thank you herro, because I completely agree
Just saying, Brawl Stars has had about 3 updates since this was made
It’s so op whit the auto aim now.
useful information.
hey can you join my active band Ether #LJQJG0
When do they think it will be available in game ?? Release date?
Thank you for pointing out! Fixed!
I have a character idea, his name is geo, his weapon is a big pick axe.His normal attack is that he smashes his pick axe into the ground and does area damage all around him. His super would be him spinning around like a tornado with his pick in his hand.Rarity would be epic, health would be 1000, base damage would be 150 and his speed would be 500. For looks he would have a huge beard, he is a big muscular guy, and you at supercell can do his clothes and face
Good write up! Keep up your work :)
Good in-depth guide.
I love playing Poco. He should be top tier.
It seems a bit subjective, but thank you for this work :)


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Orbit #QRCLYPCL [1000] is a brand new club looking for 1000+ players to grow a community out of b...
Бокс для детей
Brawl Stars
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