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update 25/06/2017

Two new Brawlers are found. Note that they aren't in the game now and will be added in future. This page shows only revealed information so far, so it's possible that their stats get changed or they aren't added to the game at last.

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Alexander Smith 22days ago
I have a character idea, his name is geo, his weapon is a big pick axe.His normal attack is that he smashes his pick axe into the ground and does area damage all around him. His super would be him spinning around like a tornado with his pick in his hand.Rarity would be epic, health would be 1000, base damage would be 150 and his speed would be 500. For looks he would have a huge beard, he is a big muscular guy, and you at supercell can do his clothes and face
Anoymous 26days ago
Is that true?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 26days ago Reply
I think it's possible.

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Hello there! We are looking for active brawlers that have decent trophies. The minimum requiremen...
are you saying dynamike is trash he is pretty viable but not just in top tier mabye in low to mid...
Thank you for pointing out! Fixed!
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