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update 03/09/2017
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After losing his fans to rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back.

Rating (-/10)7.2
Unite typeRanged/Support
  • Pull from Brawl Box
  • Spend 10 Chips to buy


  • Very wide normal attack to hit entire enemy team or multiple targets, extremely strong at denying areas.
  • Insanely powerful super move to heal entire team to change a losing teamfight into a decisive victory.
  • Normal attack is a wave, not a projectile, so it cannot be dodged within range unless it is blocked by a wall.
  • Even after nerf, still fairly high range on normal attack.


  • Slow recharge on normal attack.
  • Not a strong solo duelist.
  • Relies on team, if team is bad, Poco can not do much.

Upgrade priority

  • Health allows you to continuously harass the enemy team and power up your super.
  • A stronger super move will allow you to heal teammates more, so they can fight more
  • Attack is not that important as Poco should not be the main damage source for the team, but it allows for more poke onto enemy team

Strategies & tips

General strategies

  • Do not stand close to enemies, you can continuously harass the enemy to open up opportunities for your teammates to engage.
  • Make the enemies miss by walking back and forth and sideways, then poke. - If you can flank against a team with low burst potential, you can possibly flank the enemy and trap them between your AOE and your team.
  • Use your larger width to bother enemies and use walks to protect yourself.

Primary attack

  • Walk up, shoot your wave and walk back to harass enemies and avoid damage.
  • Try to hit multiple enemies to charge your super more effectively - Know the large width of your normal attack in order to catch enemies trying to dodge sideways from your team's shots.

  • Try not to spam normal attack, the regeneration is slow and you may want to use your attacks in groups of two, to get a larger chunk.

Super ability

  • As of last balance change, your super can heal teammates through walls, so take advantage of enemies not being able to always hit through walls to give your team a boost
  • Heal all of your team at once if you can, but do not allow someone to die just to get a 3 man heal - Understand that your super is a wave, not an instaheal, so if you time incorrectly on a moving teammate the heal might not affect them.

Events/game modes

Smash & Grab
  • Use your super to allow your team to survive to contest gems.
  • As you are not that squishy and stay fairly far back, try to get gems to bait enemies into your waves to poke them down.
  • If one teammate has gems and the other does not, and you cannot heal both and they are both about to die, heal the gemmed teammate.
  • Try to find boxes grouped together in two or three, as box clear is pretty slow.
  • Do not fight early, but if you can poke try to charge your super.
  • Don't worry about aiming super, there are no teammates to heal.
  • Check bushes every time you have 3 attacks stored, it can save your life - Allow others to fight and try to stay near the gas, but not in a position you can be trapped in easily.
  • Very good mode for Poco. Heal teammates at low health to prevent star transfer
  • You can stay back with many stars to make desperate enemies take poke damage
  • Hit entire enemy team at beginning during rush to get extra star, and cover your own team as well
  • Lead people through bushes and around walls to hurt them with normal attack.
  • Strong defensively, can poke enemies and force them off TNT
  • Heal offensively to allow for longer damaging of safe or defensively to keep teammates alive to defend
  • If attacking, use large AOE to hit both safe and enemy team.
  • Save a life only if it's possible, if they are a squishy surrounded by enemies leave them to die, super will not save them.


LvlHealthHow to upgrade
2840Elixir x1
3880Elixir x2
4920Elixir x3
5960Elixir x4
61000Elixir x5

Attack: Power Chord

Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.


Projectile speed1800
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Recharge time2.0 seconds
Casting range22
Num. of bullets3 bullet per shot


LvlDamageHow to upgrade
2168Elixir x1
3176Elixir x2
4184Elixir x3
5192Elixir x4
6200Elixir x5

Super: Encore

Poco plays uplifting music that heals himself and any teammates within range. Encore!


Projectile speed2400
Cooldown0.25 seconds
Active time0.15 seconds
Casting range28
Num. of bullets3 bullet per shot


LvlHealHow to upgrade
2420Elixir x1
3440Elixir x2
4460Elixir x3
5480Elixir x4
6500Elixir x5


Work in progress...


I love playing Poco. He should be top tier.

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