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Brawl Stars Smash & Grab, Game Mode, Best Character to Use, and Tips.
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New Brawler: Darryl!
update 21/06/2017


The team that grabs and holds 10 crystals to the end of countdown wins! Losing lives will spill grabbed crystals.

  • Hard Rock Mine
  • Crystal Cavern
  • Mushroom Cave

Game mode details

  • Single gem mine in the center, spawns a gem every several seconds.
  • The team to reach 10 or more gems across all players in the team will start a 16 second countdown. If this countdown finishes, the team wins.
  • If both teams have more than 10 gems, the team with more will start a countdown. If both teams have an equal amount of gems, there will be no cooldown.
  • The gem mine caps at 30 gems.

Usable character

  • Nearly all characters are viable in this game mode
  • The best ones include: Poco, El Primo, Jessie, Nita, Shelly.
  • Mortisis the best brawler: he can grab gems quickly and escape with over 10 of them.

Character specifics


Use your dash to steal gems from the center. Try to hold as many as possible because your high mobility makes it easy to outlast the countdown.

Your basic attacks, and especially your Super, can deny the gem mine from your opponents and give, or maintain, mine control. This also applies, but to a lesser extent, to Dynamike



Your goal should be to shift mini-battles between your players and theirs. As long as your aim is true, you can cripple opponents and make them wary to engage in battle.

Use your Super just above the gem mine to create a dead zone that your opponents cannot enter, forcing them to seperate instead of acting as a team.

El Primo

You work best against isolated brawlers. Use your teammates to force opponents into your range, then pummel/shoot them to death. Your Super abilities can be used to enter enemy territory quickly, pick off a low-health brawler with high amounts of gems, and grant longer survivability during your own countdown.

Strategies & tips

In this game mode, the tide of the battle can turn extremely quickly. Losing brawlers with high amounts of gems while inside enemy territory can easily lead to a loss; conversely, an overly aggressive enemy with many gems can allow your team to claim the win. Because of the fast-paced nature of this game mode, it’s highly recommended to play as a coordinated team, such as with members of your Band. Benefits include:

  • The ability to focus team DPS easier, which can easily allow your team control of the gem mine.
  • Defense vs Offense: depending on the amount of gems you own, you must adjust your playstyle. This is easiest to do when all members are coordinated.
  • Limiting AFK players.
  • Choosing idea team compositions.

In-depth guide

To gain an early advantage, controlling the gem mine is critical. As players rush towards the center at the start of a game, killing enemies one at a time is the best way to claim control of the mine. This is where long-ranged brawlers come into play: A tank in the center can be threatening, but not when damage is being stacked on them, either killing them or forcing them to retreat. Brawlers that do this well include Colt, Ricochet, Brock, Bo, and Barley.

After establishing control of the gem mine, it’s generally recommended not to allow one player to control all the gems, unless there is a clear skill gap between them and the rest of the team. While gems are spread out, it is much more difficult for the enemy team to swing the game entirely in their favor in the matter of seconds. In addition, brawlers with high survivability (such as El Primo) should control more gems than brawlers with low survivability (such as Colt), making it harder for the enemy to reach their cooldown.

If your team controls 10+ gems, it’s important to remember that immediately retreating is a poor idea, unless you are being rushed down with low health. Instead, your team should aim to slowly retreat while focusing on killing rushers. Having a cooldown on the screen will force enemies to enter enemy territory, often solo, in an effort to kill a player with gems and stop the cooldown. Of course, when three players are all shooting on one, they are quickly dispatched due to sheer DPS stacking.

If your team would have 10 or more gems without the gems you have, play aggressively during your team’s cooldown. You can act as a decoy, since opponents usually cannot spare the time to fight you. This is a great opportunity to use Supers that are difficult to aim (especially Colt’s and Ricochet’s) because enemy movement is very predictable in this phase. Stymying rushers is critical to maintaining some board control and preventing being rushed down by a coordinated enemy team breach.

In the event that the enemy team has a countdown activated, you must play very aggressively. El Primo and Bull should activate Supers to get into enemy territory while long-ranged brawlers should support them to ensure that they do not die immediately. Always check bushes to discover enemies with high amounts of gems hoping to hide until the countdown ends. Remember that dropping the enemy team below 10 gems, even if temporary, will restart the cooldown and allow your team more time to take control of the gems. Finally, as you travel to enemy territory, try to avoid picking up gems because dying near opponents may further their gem advantage.

Always remember the objective of the game: to steal gems. Unlike Bounty, kills and deaths in areas that can’t quickly be secured are not very valuable. This means that it may not be worth chasing down an opponent with low health and few/no gems, especially if you’re a long-ranged character that can’t safely reach their site of death.


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