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Welcome to the Clan recruitment forum for Brawl Stars players! Find the best members of your clan here!


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New to brawl stars? Need help grinding to higher levels? Join my club for a chance to grow along side new players like you. Click this link to join my Club in Brawl Stars!
<< Anonymous(Subjugater )
Subjugater Reply
Search #2COP8JQG
New player? Need some help grinding trophies? Join my Club! The name is "FutureOfBrawl" and we're currently accepting members! I have over 4000 Trophies and can help you get GOOD!* **Club tag:** *#2J2R88CL**
Hello , currently our clan has 78000 trophies. Anyone over 200 troohies can enter. We speak english , italian etc. We push trophies a lot. You are welcome to join our clan
>>>>>⭐Now Recruiting⭐<<<<<
______《《Club Name》》______
<< Anonymous(CaptainLooks)
CaptainLooks Reply
Aha welp that didn't work, club name:
~ Wrecked Bunch
Allies Gaming discord server:
<< Anonymous(AlliesTM)
Triffer Reply
Join the server for contests such as giveaways.
Hello! The Allies™ Gaming Community will fit your expectations and give you the gaming experience and competitive atmosphere you've been missing. We're Super Active, Competitive and a mature club with weekly tournaments for cash prizes for anyone who is looking for a place to harness and show their progressive gameplay! **Various roles in the community and included leadership are available if shown you seem fit!** We also have a well organized and dedicated discord server housing more than 500+ members. The main club was made less than a month ago and we're already top 20 in the US with over 800k club score, I hope this explains our growth rate and how active we truly are! Being involved in our community your trophy growth will increase substantially!

Join the server and check us out, you'll find out what club fits you the most !
<< Anonymous(AlliesTM)
HanPo Reply
The fastest growing community ever seen on brawl stars so far!
Allies™ Gaming is now recruiting!

• Allies™ - 6000+ trophies Top 40 US and 200 Global

• Allies™ Mercs - 1600+ trophies

• Allies™ Rogue - 0+ trophies

Who are we?

We are a brand new gaming community branching out from Brawl Stars! Allies is currently top 42 ranked in all over the US. As we’ve exploded in members over the past days, we have created two family clubs. Join the adventure now as we're young and build your way up in globally ranked clubs.

Positions included leadership is available! We promote a friendly, mature and competitive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Join our discord server me if any concerns or questions :)


Reddit post:
<< Anonymous
Hensen Reply
Best clubs in the game!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
how to become ur feeder we have more than 15 good players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Please join our discord server
If you are looking for an active club. Join Smoke Trails. Our total trophies is over 560,000. Requirement is 5500. Not enough trophies, join out mini, Ghost Trails.
VP of Pinata Party
Pinata Party (#L2VRGQ) :crossed_swords:️:crossed_swords:️:crossed_swords:️

400 Required Trophies - Stay active and win to stay in. Promotions are earned. If want a club that kicks out inactive or disrespectful players, or are just tired of your old club, join the Party today. Click the link at the bottom of this post or search "Pinata Party" to join (#L2VRGQ). Active gamers only. We play all day, from multiple countries. 24/7, 365. Some play for fun, others for fame, we play for the Party. Join the Party!
currently recruiting we need players above 500 have space join fast

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