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Brawl Stars News
New Brawler: Darryl!
update 05/09/2017


Great news! Supercell has taken its first big step in making Brawl Stars ready for global launch and (of course) Android release! That means that we here at the GameA wiki NEED to make an in-depth guide to teach you all you need to know about the big update and attempt to predict the meta before the new update frenzy is over. This new update has new brawlers, a new game mode, new maps, and new quality of life changes. This update might as well be called the NEW update! Let’s check out the changes:

New Brawlers

  • Pam

    Another member of the Junker family? Sounds like a recipe for fun brawling! Pam is an epic, (same as Piper) and shoots projectiles from her trash compactor in wavy lines.

  • Tara

    Arguably the best of the new brawlers, her peircing card throws and area manipulation can really spell disaster for her opponents!

New gamemode!

Brawl Ball: Brawl Ball is essentially soccer with Brawl Stars. Once you have the ball, you cannot attack and only lose it if you are killed. Brawlers like Mortis and Crow have faster movespeeds so they will be able to pick up the ball faster and intercept passes easier. Tara will also be great in this mode because her gravity vortex will be able to keep enemies off of teammates. Add a brawler with solid damage like Colt or Piper and you can consistently win in this cool new gamemode.

New maps!

The new maps have not been released yet but there can be talk about it once they come out if enough people request it in the comments, so don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want the next article to be!

New quality of life changes!

  • New Brawl Boxes added to shop
  • New Rarity adjustments
  • Coin boost and doubler added to brawl boxes
  • New 2 week season system added
  • Brawler trophies no longer capped at 500, brawlers over 500 trophies will lose 50% of their trophies at the end of each season
  • Players now start bounty with 2 stars but center star doesn’t raise your bounty
  • Poison gas in showdown destroys PowerUp boxes.
  • 4th event slot now unlocked with 7 brawlers (from 8)
  • Safe hit points decreased
  • Band size increased to 100
  • Fixed joystick option added
  • Graphics improvements
  • AFK player detection
  • Brawler selection added to game rooms

Basically what we can gather from this is that Brawl Stars is improving, and the Brawl Stars team is making an effort to make the game better. I agree with all of these changes except for the graphic “improvements.” Colt and Jessie now look a lot scarier now….

Balance changes

Balance changes below are truly the best Supercell has made. The balances aren’t the star of the show this update, but each and every change has been for the better. There are also some unwritten changes, I noticed Mortis has a larger attack width and Bo’s mines have larger AOE. Bo is finally strong now, Jessie’s turret isn’t insanely powerful, Piper and Spike have been toned down a bit, Brock’s ultimate isn’t undodgeable, and the crazy Jessie, Nita and Poco team isn’t going to be around anymore. I applaud Supercell for these insightful balance changes and I hope to expect more of them in the future.

Super now deploys 4 mines (from 3) .
Scrappy’s rate of fire decreased.
Main attack damage decreased.
Reload time is faster, super spread is smaller, and rocket speed is increased.
Supers slowdown lasts less once once out of its range.
No longer heals minions, super charges faster.


In conclusion, I would like to say that these balance changes have made Brawl Stars that much more ready for global and android release, and that they are a big step in the right direction for the game. If you want to contact the writer of this article, send an email to!

New Brawler!

June 20

The 1st maintenance of Brawl Stars

On June 20th, Brawl Stars got updated and this is the first maintenance of the game. For the changes, check the link below.

June 15

Brawl Stars is playable in Canada!

SUPERCELL soft-launched the new title, Brawn Starts, only in Canada App Store, like they did on Smash Land in 2015.

June 14

Brawl Stars officially announced!

At E3 2017, SUPERCELL officially announced their new mobile game, Brawl Stars! They also made a live stream, and you can watch it on YouTube.


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